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Perfect for those who love to read - a monthly classic fiction book subscription, gift wrapped and delivered straight to your door.


Tailored uniquely to your reading preferences, The Beautiful Book Company's team of literary experts will pick books based on information provided by you, to ensure a selection of books that delight. Each month you will receive one brand new, hand picked book, gift wrapped and delivered to their door.


Simply select how long you would like the gift to last, and provide any information about your reading preferences. 


You will then receive a beautifully wrapped book, hand picked by our team of literary experts, and dispatched on the first day of every month.


We also offer a monthly spoiler service or option to swap any books received if the recipient has already read them.

Classic Fiction Subscription

  • Books are posted on the first working day each month and sent by Royal Mail Business 48.  If subscriptions are purchased after the 27th day of the month the subscription will commence one month later - e.g. books purchased on the 28th January will commence from the 1st March. 

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